Top 8 Best Dog Seat Belts in 2021

Best Dog Seat Belts

If you have been thinking of getting a seat belt for your dog, then this guide will help you make a decision faster. Getting a seat belt to restrain your dog is important because of the safety it provides for the pet and car occupants. But do you really know what the best dog seat belts are?

A dog seat belt, like the human seat belt you already know of performs the basic function of keeping your pet safe while you drive. The seat belt keeps the dog in position in cases of accidents or a sudden hit on the brake pads. For restless dogs, a seat belt will also keep them restrained so you don’t need to worry about your dog escaping through the window or heading out immediately you open the car door or even jumping right to your bosom while you are driving.

The summary of this is that if you use a seat belt for your dog, it keeps it safe during accidents and eliminates the dangers of jumping out. It also keeps you less distracted which in turn means more safety guaranteed for you, your dog, and other vehicle passengers.

What to Consider before Buying a Seat Belt

"What is good for the good is also good for the gander" does not necessarily apply to dog seat belts. More reason why we've made a compilation of the 8 best dog seat belts so you can choose easily. But even so, there are essential factors you should consider before rushing to order your favorite seat belt.

1. Car Compatibility

For the most part, dog seat belts are of two types which includes those which fasten to the seat belt of the car buckle and those which fasten to the latch. The former is a classic form and is more common but may come with the challenge of not being compatible with the seat belt buckle of some cars. The latch fastening system will pose no challenge at this point.

2. Tangle Free Rotation

You should consider if a seat belt will allow your dog to move and rotate freely before buying. The swivel method has always been used on dog seat begs to ensure dogs can have a hassle-free 360° rotation.

Other conditions to look out for are your dog's size and weight, as well as the chew resistance of the seat belt.

The Best Dog Seat Belts of 2021

1. Kurgo Direct to Seat Belt Tether for Dogs

Transfer your dog from your lap to a stable position on the car seat when you use the Kurgo Direct Seat to Belt Tether. It is an easy way to avoid distractions from impatient and highly active dogs while driving. It also keeps your pet safe by preventing it from jumping out of the window or car door immediately you open it.

The belt is quick to fix, with an adjustable length that makes it suitable for all dog sizes. It was designed to work with all kinds of harnesses while the other end fastens directly to the seat belt. The closure that goes into the seatbelt is of a buckle type while the carabiner that attaches to the harness has a swivel clip which allows the belt to rotate freely and prevents tangles when your dog tries to move around.

Purchase the Kurgo Seat Belt here and get a lifetime warranty on it.

For a high-quality dog seat belt like Vastar's the price is a giveaway. What's more? Each order means you get 2 black, high-quality nylon fabric belts. The belts are of high density, yet very soft and are made from wear-resistant materials. The buckles are all rust-resistant and this  completes the overall durability of the product.

You can adjust the total strap length from about 19.68 inches to about 32.68 inches. All dogs within that size range will be able to sit, stand or lie down comfortably in the car when the belt is used.

The Amazon's choice for dog seat belt harness can be ordered here.

BWOGUE moves away from the norm to present  us with something even more intriguing and assuring of a better service. The BWOGUE safety seat belt strap is a car headrest restraint, meaning the belt is attached to the seat's headrest and not to the seatbelt. This particular design will serve better for large and stubborn dogs who don't like to sit or hate to be restrained. The belt will keep them in place and will provide just enough room for them to have their own bit of control.

The belt is however recommended for all dog types and sizes. The strap length is adjustable from 18 inches to 30 inches. The nylon fabric used for the belt is sturdy and durable  and all metals used are anti-rust. The zinc alloy swivel clip allows for 360° rotation of your pet without the strap getting tangled.

The design of the belt also makes it suitable for  use as a traditional handheld leash. So step out of the car with your  dog and immediately transform the belt into a leash.

With 2 packs to be gotten for every single order, you can have up to two dogs safely tucked away in your car seat while you drive or you may decide to have the two belts used for one macho dog for extra safety!

BWOGUE recommends that a seat belt should never be attached directly to a dog's collar but rather to its harness.

Get the 2 Packs BWOGUE Seat Belt here.

Functionality is key when it comes to pet products. This Slowton car seat belt set is a multifunctional safety kit for your dog. The breathable harness the belt comes with keeps your dog secured but not choked. The harness will also serve well for attaching to a leash whenever you and your dog are out of the vehicle.

The harness comes in different sizes ranging from large (L) to XXXS for very tiny dogs and puppies. The swivel clip lets your dog rotate freely while still being secured. The belt can be easily detached from the harness with little or no hassle and the belt's buckle tab fits well into many car seat belts.

Place an order here.

Mighty Paw's Safety Belt attaches to latch bars the same way as a child's car seat. Most vehicles come with these latch bars in the crease of their seats. One thing that makes the belt highly dependable is the fact that the buckle button goes to the latch bar rather than being attached to the harness or some other part of your pet's body. This way, there will be no risk of the buckle getting loosed from the dog lying on it.

The carabiner is easy to attach and in cases of emergency can be detached just as swiftly enough. The carabiner, though lightweight is made of extra strong Aluminium with a Max Force Tension of up to 400kg. The swivel gives your dog room for tangle-free rotation and the belt strap can be adjusted to the level of freedom you desire for your dog.

The Mighty Paw Safety Belt can be Ordered on Amazon here.

This 2 piece pack will keep your pet safely secured in the vehicle as you drive, while still allowing it to be able to sit, stand and lie down with maximum comfort. It will keep your dog safe during accidents by keeping it in place. The seat belt also prevents the pet from jumping around and causing distractions while driving.

The buckle tab fits most car seat belts and the belt strap can be adjusted to fit all dog sizes. The company rightly recommends that the seat belt be used with a harness only. Using the belt with your dog's collar might bring too much restraint and cause discomfort to your four-legged soul mate.

Friends Forever Durable Dog Seatbelt can be purchased here.

Is your dog a chew baby? Then, this is your rescue seat belt!This seat belt is a chew heavy-duty restraint. The rope is made from steel and then extra coated with vinyl which makes chewing it a very futile venture. The restraint attaches from your dog's harness to one of your car's latch bars. This reduces the chances of the restraint unfastening as your dog cannot step on it.

Leash Boss Dog Car Seat Belt Restraint

The seat belt is simple and convenient to use as long as it's the right size. Thankfully, Leash Boss designed it in up to 5 different sizes ranging from 16 to 36 inches for small, medium, large and extra-large dogs. The smallest size features a lighter weight clip which is best for those tiny dogs and puppies.

A quick measurement from your dog's clip attachment point (which should be on the harness) to the latch bar will help you determine what size of restraint to opt for.

This seat belt comes with a 5-year warranty and customer reviews rate it 4.7 out of 5 stars. Order for the product here.

Add some color to your dog's look when you pick a seat belt in any of the 19 colors provided by Blueberry Pet Essentials. The design of the seat belt follows the basic clasping pattern and will help keep your dog safe while you drive.

The elegance in each of the colors is a beauty to behold especially when matched with a harness of similar color. Rid yourself of the distraction of trying to keep your dog in place and let this classic seat belt perform the duty.

The buckle tab will fit into all vehicle types except Volvo brands. However, it's best to test for fit before buying the seat belt.

You can purchase Blueberry's Classic Dog Seat Belt here.


The safety of our best fur friend is something we all look out for. The best dog seat belts have been designed to help us achieve that process of keeping our pets safe.

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