Top 8 Best Dog Gadgets You Must Have

dog gadgets you must have

With technology, taking care of your dog has become even easier. Dog gadgets afford us convenience and put our minds at rest anywhere we are. They are produced for a wide range of purposes which could be to help your dog keep fit, provide security, companionship, prevent it from getting lost, dispense food or water and prevent aggressiveness.

Some factors put some pet owners in need of dog gadgets. If you're always busy, traveling a lot, or have little or no time for your dog, then you need dog gadgets to help you maintain your dog's welfare. If you are in an environment where security is questionable, then you'll need some specific dog gadgets like trackers to ensure your dog's security.

Looking for dog gadgets to have? Here are the top 8 dog gadgets you must have:

As a matter of necessity, there are some gadgets you must have to help your dog keep fit and to encourage playful interactions with humans. Above all, if you want top-notch welfare and grooming for your dog, get a few dog gadgets in your house.

What to Consider before Getting Dog Gadgets

These few things should be considered to determine what dog gadgets to get:

Your Dog's Nature

Your dog is the first thing to consider when getting dog gadgets since the gadget is meant to serve it. Consider things like your dog’s health, age, size, temperament, and special needs to determine what dog gadgets will apply best to it.

Some dog gadgets are only meant for specific sizes or age range such as for puppies or seniors. Some are meant for aggressive dogs to help train and aid their human interaction. You should consider the very little details of your dog's nature before getting any gadget for it.

Your Schedule

Your schedule and availability also have to be considered before getting any dog gadget. If you are always away from your dog, there are specific dog gadgets you'll need to get to help with basic grooming such as feeding and playing devices. If you're not so far away, you may need no more than just gadgets to help your dog's fitness or to help train it to obey instructions.


Frankly speaking, a great number of dog gadgets may turn out to be expensive. This does not mean there are no affordable ones. You, therefore, need to have your budget determined so you don't become frugal in your spending.

1. Furbo Dog Camera

Technology does the work with this dog gadget. The Furbo Dog Camera is a Full HD WiFi camera, which has also been designed for night vision and is made to effectively monitor your  pet anywhere, anytime. With the Turbo Dog Camera, you won’t miss your dog even when miles away and your dog won’t miss you either.

Furbo Dog Camera

With this dog camera, you can track the activities of your dog via cloud recording and even capture some special moments by taking one or two pictures. The camera is a two-way audio device and works with Alexa devices for voice control. It also contains an adjustable barking sensor to alert you if your dog ever gets into danger. The camera is also sensitive to your dog's activities and strange human intrusions. It will always alert you.

For fun's sake, toss a treat to your dog from the device using the Alexa voice control and play one or two catching games with your dog. The dog camera is pre-assembled and requires no battery usage

Get the Turbo Dog Camera here.

The training collar is available for dogs within the range of 15LBS - 100LBS. Once your dog is up to 6 months old, begin to train him using this Dog Training Collar and apply the different kinds of training modes. The vibrate mode, static mode, and beep mode can be used to communicate effectively with your canine friend.

The training collar is waterproof for outdoor activities and has an audio system so your dog can easily receive instructions. You don’t need to be worried about the amount of shock your dog receives while communicating as the static mode and collar strap are both adjustable.

The collar comes with a remote that remains sensitive over long distances. It is easy to charge and has a long battery life of up to 15 days for the receiver and up to 45 days for the remote.

To order for the Dog Training Collar, click here.

The Tile Mate Bluetooth Tracker uses Bluetooth technology to track lost items over a worldwide map to help you determine the exact location of the lost item if close by or find the nearest location to it if far away.

Attach Tile Mate to your dog's collar and use the free app to track it whenever it strays. The tracker works with smart home devices like Alexa and mobile phones over a 200 ft Bluetooth range to track your dog. If your dog has strayed beyond a 200ft range, use the Tile app to find the nearest location to you.

Tile Mate Bluetooth Tracker is water-resistant and the battery can be replaced over a year.

Order for the Tile Mate Bluetooth Tracker here.

This toy is one of the best plush toys for dogs. Help your puppy combat loneliness, separation, and maternal loss. Make it feel loved with the SmartPetLove Snuggle Puppy. This toy is a replicated brown dog made from polyester. It mimics maternal warmth and comes with an original feel heartbeat which can be set to beat for 8 hours or 24 hours. The heat pack will also provide warmth for your Puppy while it cuddles.

The snuggle puppy has a belly pouch to insert a heart or heat pack. The polyester material is dog friendly and easy to wash. If your pup has just been detached from its mother. This is the gadget to help it get over the loss.

The pulsing heart comes with 2 AAA alkaline batteries and will last for long even if used non-stop. Prevent your puppy at an early age from opting for negative behaviors like barking, aggressiveness, and whining as a result of anxiety and loneliness. Help its childhood experience to be filled with warmth and love, and help it transition into a healthy adult.

Get the SmartPetLove Snuggle Puppy on Amazon here.

Let your dog drink water in style with the Veken Pet Fountain. The water dispenser comes with a triple filter system to make sure your dog drinks clean and healthy. For the fun part, the dispenser comes with 3 flow designs: flower waterfall, flower bubble, and gentle fountain.

Thrill your dog with each type and help it have fun while it drinks. The captivating flow designs will also help your dog to maintain a constant habit of drinking water, thereby preventing issues with constipation and dehydration.

The water dispenser has a 2.5-liter bowl and won't require constant refilling for small to medium-sized dogs.

To get the Veken Pet Fountain, click here.

Maintain interaction with your furry friend by playing and rewarding him with treats using the VARRAM Pet Fitness Robot. Meanwhile, you don't have to move an inch or be physically available. Let the robot do it all.

VARRAM Pet Fitness Robot

The robot contains 16 different play modes and smartly rewards your dog's interaction by tossing it treats. Keep your pet engaged while you’re away and it will never feel lonely or resort to aggressive behaviors. The many activities will also keep your pooch physically fit, healthy and prevent the accumulation of excess fat.

The fitness robot is designed to run on many floor types, it’s waterproof, and can’t be chewed by your pet. You take control by monitoring and scheduling your dog's playtime and frequency of treat tossing. The robot is powered by artificial intelligence for autonomous driving; it can detect obstacles in its way and navigate smartly.

Order VARRAM Pet Fitness Robot here.

Technology provides solutions all the time. Keep unwanted human or animal guests out of your house while allowing your dog to play outdoors by using the SureFlap Microchip Pet Door. The door is suitable for small-sized dogs and can be installed on walls, doors, or glass frames.

SureFlap Microchip Pet Door

The Microchip Pet Door is compatible with all chip types and has a battery that will work for 12 months. The Door comes with a curfew timer to schedule your dog's outdoor playtime.

 If the time is set to allow your dog to play out, no other animal or  pet will be able to come in unless your dog lets it. This means only your dog will be allowed in but every other pet may be allowed to exit. You will also prevent human intrusions into your house since every other door will remain locked.

To get the SureFlap Microchip Pet Door from Amazon, click here.

This stainless steel feeder provides your dog's meal anywhere, anytime with just a tap on your smartphone. You can schedule your dog's feeding time and control the amount of food dispensed per time. The feeder can contain up to 24 cups of dry food and can be scheduled to dispense up to 12 portions of food per day.

The feeder is WiFi-enabled for Android smartphones and iPhones and will work with Alexa devices. It also has a battery backup feature in case you go low on WiFi. All parts of the feeder are dishwater safe and can be washed in the top shelf portion.

If you're always out or hardly have time for your dog, get the PetSafe Smart Feeder and keep your dog well fed throughout the day.

Order here.


Dog gadgets are great for convenience but should not totally replace the personal care of dogs. They only exist to give a support system to the care and affection that should always be made available for your dog.

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