Top 6 Best Dog Calming Collars (2022 Reviews)

best dog calming collars

Every dog parent knows how worrisome it is to see their dog troubled and upset, they will do anything to help them out of such situation. Calming dog collars are infused with canine pheromones or essential oils to aid in soothing and relaxing your dog.

Getting the best dog calming collars for your dog is the best treatment you can ever give these little ones. Studies have shown how effective these calling collars are for dogs. The best dog calming collars are designed to reduce anxiety, stress, and fear in dogs. Every dog reacts differently. Some get anxious in a noisy environment and fear when left alone at home or when they meet new faces; hence they get disturbed. These calming dog collars are for such cases.

However, dogs respond to calming collars differently. In this review we have carefully researched and selected the very best and most reliable calming dog collars. Here’s what we found.

Before buying Calming collars for your dog, ensure to know the actual problem it faces; youdon't want to get the wrong collar. There are a lot of things you should consider when selecting the right dog calming collars. Here are a few guides to help you with your search.

  • Dog's size: 

Ensure you pick a perfect dog calming collar, one that will fit your dog's neck. There are varieties of sizes available in stores, from small, medium, large and extra-large. Get the appropriate measurement, you can use tape or a rope. Place tape around your dog's neck, and take it to the store to get a collar that matches.

  • Method of calming:

Take note of what method calms your dog. Dog calming collars uses different ways to calm your dog. It could be essential oils, herbal blends, or pheromones. Few dogs calming collars both pheromones and essential oils to help reduce stress, anxiety, and fear in dogs. It is your duty as a dog parent to find out what works for your dog. As it would enable you to make the right choice when selecting best dog calming collars.

However, pheromones have been tested to be the best calming collar. They are effective and have no side effects. But the herbal ingredients and essentials oil hasn't been fully tested and confirmed pure and safe for use.

  • Duration :

This is a very important thing you should consider when selecting a dog calming collar. Most dog calming collars last for a long time. Stays .active for four weeks or more. It loses its potentials if damaged or dipped in water. Make sure you monitor your dog's activity, prevent them from doing things that would damage their collar. If eventually, the collar gets spoilt, replace immediately.

  • Scented or unscented :

Dog calming collars have different scents. Collars with herbal blends and essential oils come with a particular scent. Calming collars that pheromones as the only active ingredient have no smell. While calming collars that have a combination of essentials oils and pheromones have a very strong smell on first application and subsides over time. If you or your dog have an allergy to strong smells, then I suggest you go for a collar with pheromones only, it has no smell.

  • Percentage of pheromone:

Before selecting a dog calming collar that uses pheromones, check for its percentage of the level of concentration. Most calming collars have a high percentage of pheromones, around 5 to 6 percent. While some low use percentage, less than one percent of pheromone. Some people prefer to go for collars with a higher concentration because it is more active, while others prefer one with a lower percentage. Whichever collar you go for is perfect, they all have the same value.

Top 6 Best Dog Calming Collars

1. Sentry Calming Collar For Dogs

The Sentry Calming Collar is a top-notch product specifically designed to soothe these little ones. Sentry calming collar uses artificial pheromones and a pleasant scent of lavender and chamomile. The artificial pheromones are similar to the ones gotten from a breastfeeding mother dog. When given, it releases a soothing relief for puppies suffering from anxiety and stress.

These particular pheromones in your dog's collar stick with it for an extended period, unlike the ones that diffuse into the air. These products are among the best on the market. They will help your cope during struggling times. 

As dog parents, you would notice some strange behaviors exhibited by your curly friends in noisy surroundings, on the road when traveling, or when separated from their mothers. They show aggressiveness, fear, anxiousness, and bark all the time.    Purchase the Sentry Calming Collar For Dogs here.

The Adaptil Calm On-The-Go Collar for dogs has been clinically tested to be free from harmful substances. It helps subside excessive barking, whining, and other irritating behaviors shown by these little ones. The Adaptil collar becomes active when it comes in contact with the dog's heat, it instantly releases pheromone. Luckily, pheromones don't affect humans, so you are safe around your dog.

Adaptil calming collars are perfect solutions for your dog's irrational behavior. It can be used anywhere, in your homes, or outside while they play. The pheromones in the collar are a strong sign of safety and comfort, reducing stress-related situations, which helps calm their nerves.

The collar can last for four weeks. It should be taken off during shower time and playtime. Sizes are available in small, medium, and large. Either of them would fit perfectly. Buy the Adaptil Calm On-The-Go Collar for Dogs here.

If your dog barks excessively and it's getting to you, then it's time to find a solution. The DogRook Rechargeable Dog Bark Collars are, for such cases, the right solution.

The DogRook Dog Bark Collar provides mild vibrations to your curly friend. They are effective and safe and don’t produce electricity or shock, even to the slightest degree. The good thing about this dog collar is that it's so easy to fix and use.

To use, simply connect the probes to electrodes that are included in the package. Detach the faceplates off the collar, then insert the battery. Find a perfect fit for the dog, one that sits well on their neck.

The DogRook Rechargeable collar is slightly waterproof. It can survive little water splash or raindrops. But it must be taken off during bathing hours or any activities that will require the dog's immersion in water, as the collar can't hold up against that much water. Get the DogRook Rechargeable Dog Bark Collar here. 

The Calming Collar's anti-anxiety effects help suppress fears caused by different factors that usually prompt anxiety. These factors are sound from thunder, noise, traveling, oppression from fellow dogs, lonely places, and many others that you aren't aware of.

This calm collar is designed for situations like this. It improves your dog's mental health and behavior without any side effects. They are made with natural ingredients. It generally improves your health and that of your dog because if your pet is disturbed, there's no peace for you.

As pet parents, it is your responsibility to take proper care of your pets and ensure safety with the calming collar for dogs. This collar is highly flexible and easy to adjust. Therefore, it suits all sizes of dogs and those experiencing problems like stress, fear, anxiety, and hyperactive dogs. When fixed on the dog's skin start working after an hour and remains active for a month.

They are as perfect as the Adaptil and Sentry calming collars. It doesn't contain any addictive ingredients; they are safe for your cute friends. Purchase the Calming Collar For Dogs With Appeasing Effect here.

The Rabbitgoo No-Pull Dog Harness is a top-rated product, one of the best you can find on the market. It has been clinically tested, doesn't contain any toxic ingredients. It's been confirmed safe by most users and has gotten many reviews in a short time. The Rabbitgoo has two rings at the front and back of the collars; you can pick the one that best suits your dog.

These clips are used when you exercise your dog. The clip at the front is used for dogs that pull on the leash, while the back clip is for dogs that have mastered how to walk on a leash. These clips let you have total control of your dogs during training.

Interestingly, the Rabbitgoo Dog harness is very to handle. You can slide easily over the dog's neck and keep in place using both buckles provided for you. It's available in a variety of sizes: small, medium, large and extra-large. The package includes a buyer's guide that shows you how to measure your dog's neck and chest, ensuring you make the right choice for your dog. It has a strap that allows you to adjust to a more fitted size, providing your dog's comfort.

The Rabbitgoo collar is made to be very comfortable. It has a breathable, padded, and soft mesh fabric that protects your dog's skin and allows free breathing. The mesh fabric is durable and lasts up to a month. They also come in different styles and colors, giving your dog a classic appearance. You can make your choice of colors at the store.

The BENCMATE Protective Inflatable Collar for dogs is ideal for your curly friends. It is designed to protect your dogs from wounds, and washes, prevent them from licking up their sores and biting. With this collar around your dog's neck, these nasty habits will be prevented.

BENCMATE Protective Inflatable Collar

They are designed with comfortable and soft materials. BENCMATE collar enables dogs to move freely. It doesn't suffocate them. They can play, drink, sleep, and eat with the collar around their neck.

The incredible thing about the BENCMATE Inflatable calming collar is that it can be deflated when not in use. The zipper on the outside of the collar allows you to take the small bag outside and wash it;  keep in a cool and dry place after washing.

The collar comes with an adjustable strap situated at the opening. It can be adjusted to give your dog the best fit. After changing, place the strap at the back of your dog's neck, so they don't chew it. Buy the BENCMATE Protective Inflatable Collar For Dogs here.


Using dog calming collars is the way of curbing your dog's anxiety problem. The collar contains active ingredients like pheromones, essential oils, and some herbal blends that quickly relievestress-related problems like anxiety, fear, and aggression.

Pheromones contained in the collars mimic the one gotten from a lactating mother dog; they are called Dog Appeasing Pheromones (DAP). It can be used on puppies suffering from anxiety caused by being distanced from their mother. Be sure to get these fantastic collars if you value your pet's health.

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