Top 8 The Best Dog Nail Clipper (2021 Reviews)

the best dog nail clipper

When it comes to dog grooming, the first thing that comes to mind isn’t usually nail trimming, but this is an essential part of the grooming process. Clipping, polishing, and making your pet’s nails short is not only safer for them, but it will limit haphazard injury or damage to furniture, bedding, and floors.

Dog nails can curl back and grow into the paw pad which is a severe and risky circumstance that necessitates immediate pedicure from a veterinarian. Systematic grooming appointments can be expensive, especially if you’re scheduling every couple of weeks. However, using a nail clipper to trim your dog’s nails is stress-free and cost less.

To sustain neat dog nails, you need to purchase the best dog nail clippers. It is essential to know them in detail to easily pick the right one for your dog. On whatever routine you plan on trimming your dog’s nails, we have researched the best dog nail clippers to help that will get the work done.

Before forging ahead into the best dog clippers recommended for 2021, here are tips on getting the best dog nail clipper.

Regardless, a good dog nail clipper should be easy to handle and have an installed sharp blade for smooth cutting. If your furry friend happens to have large or tiny  nails, look out for a nail clipper that does the trimming perfectly. Purchase clippers that have stainless steel blades, which are durable and resistant to rusting. For fearful pets or dogs that are reluctant to have their nails trimmed, a noiseless nail clipper is a bonus. Deciding on the right clipper to purchase will primarily be based on this including:

PerformanceJust how well does the clipper cut? A good clipper must work as smoothly as possible to give a quick nail cutting experience. Pay attention to the opening and closing mechanism on the clipper. If you have to put in too much force you may end up hurting your dog or yourself.

The performance of the blade also largely depends on how sharp the blade is. Although there is no stopping the cutting blades from getting dull over time, the blades should be very sharp to ensure a smooth, clean-cut through the nails. Dull blades tend to slice or break the nail rather than trimming clean.

Analyze how stable the clippers feel in your hand and whether they are easy to hold closed. When cutting a dog's nails, you don't want to struggle or feel uncomfortable while using a nail trimmer.

Safety: If you’re still a novice in dog grooming or nail trimming, you may want to acquire nail clippers with a safety guard, as well as the presence of a locking mechanism that allows the clippers to remain safely in the closed position. Nail clippers with a quick stop or sensor button will help you to avert cutting your pet’s nails too short and causing distress.

Size: Operating with the right-size nail clippers ensures a safe and easy pedicure for your pooch. Small clippers are designed for more timid paws and nails, while a bigger dog will require the larger clippers with an extra force which commonly have larger, thicker trimming surfaces. Utilizing the wrong sized nail clipper for your dog, leave you outwitted and your dog nervous.

Quality: A good pair of clippers should feel strong and well-made rather than low-cost and poorly designed, and all parts should function as designed. When choosing a nail clipper for your pet,  examine the manufacturing of the tool, especially the material of the blade as that will determine the durability.

Noise: Some dogs can get frightened by a sudden, loud noise. The noise level of a clipper is a thing you should consider when purchasing a nail grinder. To help alleviate your dog into a new grooming ordeal, try getting a nail grinder with a low noise level as low as 50 decibels. The lower the noise level, the more stress-free the occasion will be.

The Best Dog Nail Clippers

1. Casfuy Dog Nail Grinder Upgrade

This Casfuy clipper is a portable, easy to use grinder that can be charged using a wall charger, portable battery, or any USB port. It’s designed with a 2-Speed Switch & 3 Grinding Ports with an adjustable, low-high speed strong enough to support heavy trimming, and three distinguished grinding ports for all sizes of nails.

Casfuy Dog Nail Grinder Upgraded

It comes cordless, has a 2-hour battery, and low oscillation to minimize noise. It’s the best choice for dogs that are sensitive to sound. Approved by veterinarians and pet grooming professionals, painlessly and precisely trim your pet's nails anywhere.

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Trimming your pet’s nails can be exceedingly frustrating especially if he has very thick or black claws. This clipper features a quick sensor that reduces the risk of injury to your pets, prevents over-cutting, and has a safety guard so you can be extra sure not to inflict any injury on you or your pet.

The product comes in both small and large sizes, you can use this clipper on large dogs or small dogs and cats. Design with durable 3.5mm thick stainless steel, this clipper has a blade that generates quick, swift cuts and maintains its sharpness for years. The large ergonomic non-slip handles are comfortable to hold preventing slip-ups and give outstanding force to make quick clean cuts.

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Boshel nail trimmer is a powerful device that will provide excellent trimming services to your pet. The blades consist of high-quality materials made of durable  3.5 mm thick stainless steel that works to reduce the likelihood of causing injuries to your pet. The handles are also heavy-duty powerful enough to trim your dog's  nails for remarkable performance. With such a feature, the clipper is suitable for fearful dogs.

The tool also is user-friendly, and the model comes with soft handles and grip to strengthen the trimming process. Additionally, its sharpness makes the process effortless.

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If you lack the morale to use normal dog clippers then these are made for you. This clipper is ergonomically constructed with durable non-slip handles that are strong, lightweight, and comfortable for easy trimming.

It features a pair of sharp blades made of high-quality stainless with unlocking protection which prevents children from using it. It also comes with a free hidden nail file suitably stored in the handle which allows you to trim sharp nails.

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Epica’s Professional Pet Nail Clipper is made of a  stainless steel blade that is sharp and perfectly sized larger dogs’ nails. The design guarantees you’ll get a clean, accurate cut every time your large dog needs a paw-pedicure.

Designed with ultra-durable stainless steel, strong blades to prevent bending or breaking, defect or rust, and will remain sharp after several nail clippings. Making clipping nails simple and a whole lot less terrifying for both you and your pet.

The handles are coated with anti-slip rubber and are spaced to fit your fingers. Dealing with it feels exceptionally comfortable in your hand because of the non-slip rubber coating. Because this clipper is built for larger dogs with stronger nails, you don’t have to use unnecessary force when clipping. Epica’s Professional Pet Nail Clipper is loved for its strength, quality, super affordable price.

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Millers Forge Dog Nail Clip is powerful and easy to use. The clipper is designed by a surgical tool manufacturer, so you know you’re buying a high-quality product. This easy-to-use nail clipper features a non-slip handle to always have a good grip.

It is also excellent for dogs with larger nails because it has a wilder space between the blades. It’s equipped with non-slip rubber, a very sharp stainless steel blade, and handles that give comfort when used.

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This professional dog nail trimmer has the best quality stainless steel. This clipper extra powerful, sharp, and reliable blades and will cut through nails instantly which is perfect for nervous pets or dogs who are reluctant to having their nails cut.

Safari Professional Stainless Steel Nail

It’s fitted with a quick stop, which will prevent causing severe damage to your dog’s nails. Moreover, the handles are packed with soft rubber grips for your in-hand satisfaction. It features a two-fold blade that is sharp and long-lasting with a tension spring that guarantees a brief, easy cut which extremely lessens the odds of causing harm to your pet.

This clipper is designed in both small and large sizes, so you can decide on the right size for your dog. It can even be used on the kittens, just be sure to buy the smaller size.

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The cleanhouse clipper comes with a stainless steel frame, equipped with cushy handles for a comfortable grip and easy to use safety guard. It’s easy to hold with a little metal stopper so to prevent cutting too much of the nail.

The cleanhouse features a built-in safety lock mechanism for when they're not being used and the movable guard at the back to prevent you from clipping too short. This nail clipper is designed to be safe and easy to use with sharp and sturdy blades for large dogs to small cats.          

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A major problem faced by every dog’s parent is having to trim the dog’s nails. Some dogs are frightened by this idea and owners feeling reluctant to work. For trimming your pet nail without causing pain, you have to properly choose the right nail clipper.

To choose the right nail clipper, you will have to focus on the all-around safety of the product, and this means being sure that the nail clipper is comfortable.

A design may look desirable and powerful, however, it may not be suitable for you and your pet causing injuries to you both. The safety of your dog should always come first.

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