How To Clean Dog Ears- Top 8 The Best Dog Ear Cleaner (2021 Reviews)

the best dog ear cleaner

As dog owners, keeping the ears of our dogs free from dirt and infection is an essential aspect of their grooming. Cleaning the ears of your dog is a process that should be done regularly, even for dogs who are less prone to developing infections in their ears. The process of dog ear cleaning is a bit tricky but with the advent of dog ear cleaners, it has now become a much easier task for dog owners.

Dog ear cleaner products are in abundance in the market these days. To help you with choosing the right dog ear cleaner, here is a review of the top 8 best dog cleaners in the market today. But before that, we will discuss the essential factors to look out for when buying the best dog ear cleaner that suits your dog on a personal level.

Dog ear cleaners are of great benefit to the general well-being of your beloved canine companion. Dog ear cleaners help to curb the development of ear infections and prevent loss of hearing in dogs. But you do not just buy any dog ear cleanser you see on the store shelf. You have to be aware of how your dog reacts to a dog ear cleaner product before choosing the dog ear cleaner to buy.

Determine The Actual Cause Of The Ear Infection

There are different types of ear infections that a dog can go down with. They include bacteria, airborne, yeast, mite infections. It could also be that the ear is been hindered by a foreign object. Determining the ear infection that your dog is afflicted with goes a long way towards knowing the right dog ear cleaner to buy.

You do not buy a dog ear cleaner that should be used in treating a yeast infection for a dog that is down with a bacteria infection. Each ear infection has a dog ear cleaner that is right for them. To know the particular ear infection your dog is suffering from, it is best to consult a veterinary doctor, who will be in the best position to recommend the particular dog ear cleaner you should buy for your dog.

Type of Cleanser

There are two types of dog ear cleansers. We have the wipes and the liquid types. Each type of dog ear cleaner comes with its peculiar advantages and disadvantages. If you have a dog with flop ears and you only have time to clean the ears once a week, you should go for liquid dog ear cleansers. These types of cleaning formulas tend to perform a thorough deep cleaning of the ear.

If your dog does not require regular cleaning of its ears, you can go for wipes. Wipes are also easy to use and are perfect for daily cleaning of your dog's ears with ease if you so desire.


In choosing the ideal dog ear cleaner for your dog, endeavor to go for products that are gentle on the skin and quickly break down accumulated dirt and wax in the ears. Dog ear cleansers that contain high levels of hydrogen peroxide and alcohol are not recommended as they tend to damage the eardrums and are not so effective at breaking down built-up wax.

Going for a dog ear cleansing formula with natural ingredients such as aloe vera, peppermint, eucalyptus oil, witch hazel, and so on, is a perfect choice, as they help to prevent skin irritation, eliminate bad pairs, and keep the ears in good health.


A quality dog ear cleaner should be able to eliminate bad odors from a dog's ears. This deodorizing process usually happens after applying the formula. The important thing to note here is that the scent from the cleanser must be very light as the noses of dogs do not react well to strong fragrances.


Your financial capability is always a factor you have to consider before deciding on the dog ear cleaner you want to buy. However, dog ear cleaners come in a broad range of prices to cater to varying financial levels. If you engage in regular cleaning of your dog's ears, it is best to go for wipes as they are among the most affordable in the market. For dog owners who have bred with floppy ears, liquid formulas do tend to be a bit costly.

Top 8 The Best Dog ear Cleaner In 2021

1. PET MD – Dog Ear Cleaner Wipes

This dog ear cleaner comes as a wipe and it’s very easy to use. With wipes that have been pre-moistened, dog owners can eliminate any debris or wax that has accumulated over time in the inner and outer ear areas. This affordable skin-friendly formula impedes the growth of bacteria ear infections by keeping the ear region dry.

It emits a sweet fragrance after thorough wiping of the ears of dogs with its aloe vera and eucalyptus oil components. This keeps the dog's ears looking clean, smelling fresh, itch-free, and prevents scratching after use.

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The Virbac Epi-Otic dog ear cleaning formula is well suited for regular use on dogs with sensitive skin. With its neutral pH rating, this dog ear cleanser helps to clean the ears of a dog by effectively removing all accumulated debris, wax, and dead ear cells.

It also prevents the ear from becoming a breeding ground for bacterial infections by keeping the ear free from moisture. This is ideal for dogs with folding ears, as their ears tend to trap excess moisture more. After use, this dog ear cleanser keeps the ears scenting fresh by getting rid of terrible odors. 

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This is a dog ear cleaning product that is perfect for dogs with sensitive ears and those that are constantly plagued by ear infections like otitis externa. It is also suitable for cleaning the ears of female dogs who are pregnant or are breastfeeding their young puppies.

It is an affordable dog ear cleaning formula that prevents the growth of fungi and bacteria in the ears of dogs as it effectively keeps the ear free from excess moisture. It gives off a nice scent after applying it which neutralizes any bad odor in the ears of dogs.

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The EcoEars Natural Dog Ear Cleaner is great in dealing with dog ear infections that are a result of amassed inert ear cells, grime, and wax. The gentle dog ear cleansing formula is perfect for dogs that have sensitive skin as it does not cause skin stinging, ear scratching, or allergic reactions after its application into the dog's ears. It negates any foul odors stemming from the ears of dogs with its natural extracts such as tree oils, witch hazel, and Rosemary flower. 

Vet Organics EcoEars Dog Ear Cleaner

The ECOEARS Natural Dog Ear Cleaner can be purchased from Amazon by clicking here

This dog ear cleaner product is a great choice if you just want to perform simple ear cleansing on dogs that have delicate ears. It also helps in relieving dogs that suffer pains from persistent ear infections such as otitis externa. It is made from ingredients that are friendly on the skin of dogs, prevent the growth of bacteria with efficient drying properties, eliminates accumulated wax, and give off a nice citrus scent after application.

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This dog ear cleaner is among the most affordable. It is the ideal choice if you intend to carry out a basic ear cleaning procedure. It is great for dogs who have very sensitive ears, as the aloe vera component helps to soften the skin around the ears and prevent scratching of the ears after use. Apart from being a good ear cleaner, it keeps the ear free from moisture thereby preventing the growth of bacteria. It also has a sweet-smelling vanilla fragrance that keeps the ear free from has odors.

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This dog ear cleaning formula is gentle on dogs with sensitive skin. It promotes good auditory health in dogs by getting rid of excess dirt, dead cells, and wax which lead to varying ear inflammations. It is composed of natural ingredients such as chamomile, hazel, clove oil, aloe vera, and tree oil that help to soothe the skin and prevent scratching of the ear after use. These natural ingredients also possess deodorizing properties that help in eliminating any horrible ear odors.

Vet's Best Dog Ear Relief Wash

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The Vetwell dog ear wipes are developed to regularly keep the state of a dog's ears in good health. It eliminates accumulated wax, dirt in the ears of dogs, and also keeps the ear region dry to prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi infections. It comes with natural ingredients such as aloe vera and eucalyptus oil which provides fast relief from ear infections for dogs with sensitive skin and gets rid of lingering, bad odors in the ears.

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The ears of dogs are highly sensitive parts of their makeup. Regular checking up on the state of the ears of your dog helps to keep them free from dirt and infections that could cause general pain and discomfort. A dog ear cleaner that suits your dog perfectly in terms of the type of cleanser, fragrance, skin and auditory friendly ingredients, price as well as the cause of an ear infection should be the things to consider when buying one for your dog.

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