Top 8 The Best Dog Car Harness in 2021

the best dog car harness

While traveling in your car with your dog, there are several things you need to consider. Your dog is mortal as you are, safety precautions must be taken. One of the safety precautions is using of  the best dog car harness.

The importance of restraining your dog when in the car should is worth emphasizing. Even the best trained and mannered dogs need some form of restraint and this should be used for every journey, even if you are just going on a short distance.

Dogs are prone to distraction, as they are fond of climbing between seats or trying to get on your lap. You can be distracted checking if your dog is okay or reaching out to pat them while driving, which can have awful consequences.

Accidents happen unexpectedly. Even the most careful driver might suddenly climb a bump, and an unrestrained dog is prone to injure itself and others. The force of a sudden hit can cause pets that have not been restrained to be thrown about in the car, and this momentum can cause serious injuries not only to them but to other people in the car. Just like us, seat belts save lives.

Consider pet travel harnesses that use seat belts specially designed for dogs. These belts still stop them from moving without restriction and are designed to keep them safe in the car.

Typically, these devices are used as a seat belt for your dog which hangs them in place and attaches them to the seat using a harness. Attaching the harness to their collar should be avoided as it can suffocate them to death. Also, you can use these pet safety harnesses in the back seat behind a front seat.

Tips for using a car harness

  • When choosing between sizes, go for the larger size.
  • If the neck and chest girth fall in different sizes, choose the size which your dog’s chest falls into.
  • When you have to belt your dog, do ensure that there is enough space that your two fingers can fit in between his body and any part of the harness.
  • The Best Dog Car Harness

    1. Pawaboo Dog Safety Vest Harness

    Pawaboo Dog Safety Vest Harness is light weighted, comfortable, and high-quality designed especially for dogs to enjoy their travel in a car, while also ensuring they are safely fastened to a back seat.

    Pawaboo Dog Safety Vest Harness
    Pawaboo Dog Safety

    With Pawaboo Dog Safety Vest Harness, your dog’s safety is assured, as the seat belt is made with a lead clip, which prevents dogs from jumping and peeping out through the car window or moving within the car carelessly. Therefore, restricting your dog’s movement to a limited range. With this, the driver’s distraction level will be reduced to its barest minimum.

    It is worth stating that the Pawaboo Dog Safety Vest Harness is easy to put on and take off, and it is also widely compatible as it adjusts the tightness of the belt grip on the dog. There are different ways to use it. Unlike others, it can be used with a seat belt or used separately by attaching the harness to a normal retractable dog leash.

    Pawaboo Dog Safety Vest Harness is available for small, medium, and large dog breeds. Regardless of the size of your four-legged friend, Pawaboo has got you covered. However, In cases of larger pet size, take the fur measurement and check the belt size first before buying.

    To get the Pawaboo Dog Safety Vest Harness, click here

    Ruffwear Load Up the Dog Car Harness is a harness designed to protect your pet, keeping four-legged friend on the seat, and also away from the center when you drive. It is made of high-quality nylon fabric to ensure safety.

    RUFFWEAR, Load Up, Dog Car Harness

    This dog safety belt is made of high elastic and has high toughness and durability, ensuring pet safety and preventing drivers from distraction while driving.

    To get the Ruffwear Load Up the Dog Car Harness, click here

    Kurgo Car Safety Dog Harness is unique as it integrates directly with the seat belt and requires no extra strap to fit. It is adjustable to fit pets with a wide chest and neck range, though it is not advisable for pets with deep chests and narrow necks. You can enjoy this seat belt when used on a medium and large dog because it is quite rugged.

    Kurgo car safety harness serves two purposes, not only does it protect your pet in the car, but it also protects your pet while taking a walk. With the Kurgo Car Safety Harness, comfort and safety are assured as your pet will be able to breathe freely. Its belt is designed to be light in weight to fit different sizes of dogs.

    It comes with a dog tether, it is compatible with the seat belt system of any car and can be used as well as a lead for training. It has a chest padded plate for extra protection and comfort.

    If purchased from an authorized dealer, the seat belt comes along with a lifetime warranty.

    To get the Kurgo Car Safety Harness For Dogs, click here

    Mighty Paw Vehicle Safety Harness gives one of the life greatest pleasure in traveling with your pet. It is produced in different sizes to meet the needs of dog lovers whose pets are either small or large and wish to travel with their dogs.

    Mighty Paw Vehicle Safety Harness material quality is a key uniqueness that makes it outstanding among other harnesses. Its quality metal hardware provides safety and durability. Its long-lasting material has been proven to be weatherproof and also very easy to clean. The seat belt’s breathable, lightweight padding makes your four-legged pet comfortable while in your car.

    Surprisingly, the Mighty Paw Vehicle Safety Harness is not made to just keep your pup safe in the car alone! Its multitask function allows you to take them out of the car for a hassle-free and secure walk or pit-stop.

    To get the Mighty Paw Vehicle Safety Harness, click here

    Slowton Dog Car Harness is made of the double mesh fabric attached to four PP material strip to protect the dog which is elastic and adjustable for the car vehicle. It can absorb your dog’s sweat and feels breathable when worn by your pet.

    The seat belt is adjustable, but it, however, depends on how you need to plug it into your car’s seat belt so that it fits perfectly. It is quite easy and quick to use to restrain your fur friend in the car but does not pull against him.

    To get the Slowton Dog Car Harness, click here.

    Petsafe Solvit Deluxe Car Safety Dog Harness is a certified, crash-tested, comfortable, durable, dog safety car harness that is available in 4 sizes. It offers a smooth, comfortable, and safe road trip for you and your four-legged friend.

    Petsafe Solvit Deluxe Car Safety Dog Harnesses have undergone extensive safety tests to ascertain their strength and durability. Its safety harness integrates seamlessly with the seat belt system of your vehicle and provides a smooth range of motion while also traveling alongside security should a sudden stop happen.

    To get the Petsafe Solvit Deluxe Car Safety Dog Harness, click here

    Ezydog Drive Safety Travel Dog Car Harness is one of the best crash-tested harnesses of 2021. Some of its features include one-time fit, Dual SR buckle closure, Double D-Rings that aids leash attachment, ergonomic, and chest plate molded to fit.

    EzyDog Drive Safety Travel Dog Car Harness

    While using Ezydog Drive Safety Travel Dog Car Harness, It is advisable to inspect your harness regularly for any signs of damage and wear, which include frayed or cut webbing, any metal part that is deforming or damage, or pulled stitches with bite and chew marks.

    Ezydog Drive Safety Travel Dog Car should be stored in a dry place, out of direct sunlight.

    To get the Ezydog Drive Safety Travel Dog Car, click here  

    Clickit Sport Sleepypod car safety dog harness is a harness combination with an energy-absorbing padded vest, which work together towards distributing and reducing the damaging forces in an accident without having to add more hardware or attachment straps.

    It’s outstanding for some unique features which include a broad, cushioned, energy-absorbing vest with quick connection and release.

    You can adjust the Clickit Sport Sleepypod to securely fit your dog with its leash rings at the neck. Clickit Sport can be used for dual purposes; as a seat belt, as well as a walking harness. The reflector strips at the front and back of Clickit Sport makes your dog visible at night.

    Sleepypod is easy to use as it is designed to reduce additional attachment and detachment steps.

    It is worth knowing that Clickit sport is a harness that has earned safety certification and a five-star rating from the Center for Pet Safety. So if you are doubting its efficiency, you need no more proof. The Sleepypod is a tested and trusted harness?

    However, like other harnesses, Sleepypod has its cleaning instructions, which are:

  • Use a damp cloth to wipe the exterior part of the vest.
  • Vacuum dog from the neoprene of the vest.
  • Wash in cold water and dry.
  • To get Sleepypod Clickit Car Safety Dog Harness, click the link


    One problem every dog lover who loves traveling with his paw buddy deals with is restraint in movement.

    To choose the right seat belt harness for your fur, you will have to look at the overall safety of the product, and this means being sure of the size of your fur, how convenient is to use the product, as well as the durability.

    Overall, the safety of your pet should come first while taking them on a journey in your car.

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