Top 8 The Best Dog Clean Teeth Toys In 2021

dog clean teeth toy

The dental health of your dog is very important. Good dental health will contribute to the general wellbeing of a dog and will prevent risks of other underlying conditions. Among pets, dogs are the closest to man. They constantly want to snuggle and lick up the face to show affection for their owners. You don't want a dog with poor dental hygiene licking your face all the time.

Since dogs are not able to take care of their selves, they rely on us for wholesome body grooming which includes dental clean teeth toy

It is not hygienic when food particles remain logged in the teeth for too long. Few hours after eating, the food particles stuck in your dog's teeth will develop into a gummy substance called plaque. If plaque is not removed, it transforms to tartar within 24 hours or less. Tartar displaces the gum at the root of the teeth exposing parts of the teeth that are supposed to be covered. These parts are very sensitive to heat and cold and their exposure will inflict regular pain on any dog.

Brushing your dog's teeth daily is a good way to promote oral health and prevent the formation of plaque and tartar. The use of human toothpaste should be avoided as they contain active ingredients that can cause stomach upset for your dog when they swallow them. Using salt and lukewarm water to brush your dog's teeth daily is a good start.

Provide quality food that promotes healthy teeth for your dog. Most dogs generally have strong teeth because of the number of bones they chew and the high calcium content the bones contain. You will want to avoid giving your dog bones that are too big or strong especially while they are still puppies so they don't have their teeth and gum damaged.

Ensure your dog has regular dental checkups. They can even have fixed appointments with their Vet. Doctors just for that.

You'll need dental toys also to effectively clean your dog's teeth. The best toys for cleaning your dog's teeth can easily be found on Amazon with various modifications to suit each dog's needs.

Why You Need Toys for Your Dog's Teeth

Toys are beneficial for your dog's teeth. Dental toys are usually made from bouncy materials that your dogs can constantly chew on. When dogs constantly chew on those toys, it helps to displace plaque and food particles that might have logged in teeth cavities. The chewing action also triggers the production of saliva to further aid the washing down of food particles that might have been earlier retained.

When food particles remain in the mouth of your dog for too long, bacteria and other germs begin to breed in the mouth which is not healthy for your dog.

The best toys for cleaning your dog teeth are those which are not too abrasive or harsh on the teeth and can also withstand any kind of chewing.

The best toys for cleaning your dog teeth are those which are not too abrasive or harsh on the teeth and can also withstand any kind of chewing.

Taking Care of Dog's Dental Toys

When dog's play with dental toys, they will also throw them on the ground, and thus, the toys pick up germs. Clean your dog's dental toys with salt and lukewarm water while using a light brush.

Do not let your dog use a dental toy for too long without cleaning. Have up to four or more toys handy so they can be easily substituted when dogs rub them in the dirt.

Top 8 The Best Dog Clean Teeth Toys In 2021

Many dental toys are being sold, deciding on which to buy can become confusing. A list of the best toys for cleaning your dog's teeth has therefore been prepared to help your decision-making process.

1. KONG Dental Dog Toy

The Kong Company understands the natural need for dogs to play. They have therefore provided what will serve as a play toy and which will also help to promote a dog's dental hygiene. The large dog toy is made from durable rubber to withstand chewing and the red color will quickly appeal to any dog.

The bone-shaped dog toy contains grooves that help to clean the teeth while chewing. For an additional treat, fill the inside of the grooves with one or two of your dog's favorite edibles and your fur friend is even more ready to chew. Thus, the toy serves for play, treating, and ultimately teeth cleaning.

Order for this three-in-one dog toy here.

The Arm and Hammer Super Treadz Gator and Gorilla Chew Toy for Dogs may sound a long name but this chew toy is effective for removing dental plaques and tartar even when brushing is not constant. It is perfect for those who may not have readily available time for daily brushing of dog's teeth. The toy is made from rubber which is a very durable material and its large size will serve big dogs well.

The dental toys have been infused with baking soda which helps to clean up the teeth while your dog is busy chewing. The toy is also designed to help freshen breath and stimulate your dog's gums.

The chew toy is shaped into a gorilla to further intrigue your dog and keep its chewing process fun. The highly durable rubber will withstand long term and even hostile chewing. The Arm and Hammer chew toy can be cleaned in a dishwasher without any damage to the toy.

Get the Arm & Hammer Chew Dog Toy here.

Here is the dental dog toy for big and aggressive chewers. The dog toy comes in a color that makes it appear like real bacon and also comes in different flavors of either bacon, chicken, or peanut. These chew toys containing real favors are just the perfect treat for your dog.

The chew toy can be gotten in sizes ranging from small to large just so you get the perfect toy for your dog. The toy has been strategically shaped so your dog can easily hold it between its paw while it chews.

Get the Benebone Real Bacon Chew Toy for aggressive chewers here.

For something tough and sweet at once, Nylabone is a great choice. It comes in an extra-large size full of intense peanut butter flavors. It is made from nylon to ensure it lasts long and the textured surface will thoroughly help displace plaques and tartar in your dog's teeth.

To order Nylabone Power Chew Flavored dog toy, use the Amazon link here.

The DENTASTIX Treats is a pack of 40 chicken flavored edibles that help to clean your dog's teeth and also freshen his breath. Just one treat daily is enough to maintain your dog's dental hygiene. The X-shape design will dislodge plaque and a soft texture which makes your dog  chew comfortably.

The treats are only made for large dogs and are not considered suitable for puppies.

Order here and enjoy the Pedigree DENTASTIX Treats for Large Dogs.

The Petstages Mini Dental Chew Pack contains very colorful dental and teething chew toys for proper teeth cleaning. The chew pack is great for small dogs and puppies and contains different toys, each with multiple colors, knots, and nubs to keep your dog's interest for long.

Petstages Dental and Teething Dog Chew Toys
Petstages Dental and Teething Dog Chew Toys

The toy comes in flossy shapes and textures to aid plaque removal and the ridges on the toys help to stimulate your dog's gums. Toys can even be frozen to give a crunchy effect while chewing. It's fun for your dog when you get this mini dental chew pack.

The Petstages Mini Dental Chew Pack can be found on Amazon here.

This is Amazon's choice for 'power chewer dog toys'. This dog toy is meant to serve your extra large and highly aggressive dogs. It is beef flavored to keep your dog chewing continuously, it’s designed in form of an X-shape for your dog's easy handling.

Nylabone Power Chew X-Shaped Dog Bone

The ridges and nubs present on the toy will remove plaques from even the farthest corners of your dog's mouth and keep chewing fun.

A creatively crocheted dental dog toy to help floss and clean your dog's teeth. The toy contains a squeaker to keep your dog intrigued for ages. It is a bone and ball toy set to provide your dog with optimum fun as he can chew and play with the ball at the same time.

Hip Doggie Dental Dog Toy is made from organic materials to provide your frump a natural way of cleaning his teeth. There is no fear of allergies or ingestion of dangerous chemicals. The toy is washable and is just perfect for small and medium-sized dogs.

Order for the Dental Dog Toy here.


The same way your dog needs a bath now and then, dental hygiene needs to be a part of his everyday life. Unlike us, our pets can’t have the capacity to clean their teeth. Instead, they rely on us to provide the necessary care on their behalf. While taking them to the pet dentist is good, another  thing you can do is to provide your furry friend suitable dental toys.

And while a toothbrush can get the job done. It isn't a good idea as it’s been proven to hurt the gums of your pet and make them more sensitive.

However, dog teeth cleaning toys are the best solution. Toys for cleaning the teeth are a great addition to your pet's grooming kit. The best toys for cleaning your dog's teeth are easy to clean, not hard on the teeth, and resistant to long-term chewing.

We hope that this article gave you a good understanding of the best dog cleaning toys,  how safe they are to use, and the things to consider when buying them, according to the size and temperament of your dog. We wish your furry friend the best chewing time ever, and the luxury of good dental health!

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