Top 10 Best Dog Car Travel Accessories You Must Have

dog car travel accessories

You may be in for loads of fun and great bonding time or you may be in for a day of worries from a fussy, anxious pet.

Don’t fret, you’ve got help. The best dog car travel accessories will aid you in having a fun ride.

There are several dog car accessories out there but you don’t need them all, neither does your fur baby. You only need the best accessories that would enable you and your pet to have a great road travel experience.  Your main focus when thinking about dog travel accessories should be the comfort and safety of your beloved pet.

Alongside the car travel accessories for dogs, don’t forget to bring all of the other travel supplies like first aid, food, toys, towels, etc.

Before buying dog Car travel accessories, consider these factors:

Cleaning Power :

 While a dog dental chew might keep a canine’s teeth clean, does it really deliver? All dental chews are not as effective, so it would do a world of good reading reviews from people who have given them to their dogs, to see if they have the right cleaning power.

Apparently, the best accessories are those that keep your pet safe as you use the road, so, you should shop those.


You would not want an accessory that would just go to shreds after the first use. Thus, you have to be concerned about getting the best accessories that can stand wears and last for a long time. 

Ease of use and storage

Ever been stuck with an impractical comfort material? I have. It takes the whole sense out of comfort. If you are really concerned about the convenience of you and your dog, you should get accessories that are easy to use. I mean, if it is supposed to aid your comfort, it should be easy to use. Nothing beats ergonomic.

Composition material

You need to note the materials with which your dog’s car travel accessories are made. Avoid accessories with hard materials and sharp ends.

Additionally, you should consider your pet’s allergies (if any), waste disposal, and pollution.The best materials are those that are pet-friendly, environment-friendly, and lightweight.


Dog size varies, so you choose sizes that would best fit your dog, for safety and comfort.

Best Dog Car Harness

1. Bwogue 2 Packs Dogs Safety Seat Belt Strap

Just like you, your lovely pet needs to be safely strapped in during a car drive. That’s what car harnesses are for. Bwogue 2 Packs Dogs Safety Seat Belt Strap is our favorite car pet harnesses. Made of nylon fabric and fastened with a button, this dog restraint seatbelt harness is one of our top picks.

Its zinc alloy swivel snap and quality buckles affixed to the nylon strap allow for easy attachment to the vehicle’s headrest to keep your dog safe. The nylon leash is adjustable between 18-30 inches and can also be converted into a hand-held leash. It is best used when not directly attached to the pet’s collar but the pet harness instead.   

Get Bwogue Dog Safety Seat Belt Strap here.

The Vestar 2 Packs harness is made of nylon fabric, with zinc alloy swivel snap to ensure durability. It comes with a seatbelt clip that attaches to your car strongly.

The best thing about this harness is that, while it restrains your dog in safety, it also allows her to stay comfortably at the back in different positions as you travel.

Get the Vestar 2 Packs Seatbelt Harness on Amazon.

This product comprises a comfortable breathable mesh chest vest harness and an adjustable, elastic, retractable nylon strap. The leash is connected to the chest vest harness that wraps around the dog’s body instead of attaching it to a neck collar which would cause discomfort to your pet.

SlowTon Dog Car Harness is compatible with most vehicles. Get it here.

Dog  Booster Seats For Cars

This hammock-style car seat cover with flaps offers amazing protection for your car seats. You know, pets tend to make extra messes on long drives especially when they get bored.

This protects your seats from scratches, liquids, and other mess. Also, your car seats need protection from normal substances produced by your pet like, drool and fur. URPOWER Car Seat Cover for Pets covers the entire back seat for complete protection.

Talk about good grips, this pet seat cover has a non-slip surface to prevent your fur friend whenever the car jerks to a stop and also a non-slip seat anchor to prevent the seat cover from sliding off the car seat itself.

URPOWER car seat cover is made from heavy-duty oxford fabric, comes with Velcro fastenings to car seatbelts, and can be converted to a bench-style cover. Get it here.

Wouldn’t it be nice for your pet to look out the window and get a view of the roads you travel? PetSafe Booster Seat can help you do that. It allows you to elevate your puppy to window height so they can see outside.

This booster seat is strapped to the headrest of a car. It comes with a safety tether and can be connected to a car seat belt to keep a pet in place. It has a quilted pad liner for an extra-plush feeling. The liner is removable and can be washed so that the inside of the booster is always clean. Additionally, it comes with a zippered storage pocket.

Get PetSafe quilted booster seat here.

Dog back seat waterproof cover can be used as a hammock, bench, or in the car trunk. This dog travel accessory covers and protects your car seats against scratches, moisture, fallen hair, bites, spillages, dirt etc.

It comes with adjustable straps and clips made of extra-strong plastic. This car seat cover has four layers of impenetrable barrier that offers total coverage. It is made up of non-slip rubber to prevent the seat cover from sliding off, and a waterproof that can easily be cleaned by wiping with a damp cloth.

It attaches to the headrest and has seat anchors for safety. Click here to get the Dog back seat waterproof cover.

Travel Bags For Dog

A lightweight carrier bag for your pet created with durable polyester. Morpilot pet carrier bag is made to keep your fur sweetheart protected and comfortable. It is durable and can be cleaned with a soft brush. The bag is made of a breathable mesh that allows your pet inside to have good air supply and stay cozy. It has a cushioned interior that can be removed and washed.

morpilot Pet Travel Carrier Bag, Portable Pet Bag

The pet travel carrier bag comes with an extra storage pocket. With its adjustable straps, it can be handheld as a tote bag or carried on the shoulders.  It is perfect for all sorts of travel and has a  

dual use, it can also be used for carrying other things like shoes, clothes, etc.

Click here to get Morpilot Pet Travel Carrier bag on Amazon.

Dog Water Bottle

Dog Water Bottle protects your pet from thirst and dehydration, take a bottle of water for her on a road trip.  Here are two of the best pet water bottles we found on Amazon.

This bottle is practical to use, the top of it bottle can be folded to create a bowl which your pet can drink directly from. The silicone seal inside the cover prevents water waste from leakage. The top of the bottle has a rotational buckle to prevent water from returning. This is to ensure that the water in the bottle does not get polluted. Is that not so cool?

The capacity is 18Oz. It is portable can be carried anywhere or put in a bag.

Shop Lesotc Foldable Pet Water Bottle here.  

Malsipree dog water bottle is a winner for its ease of use and portability. It has a silica gel seal ring and a leak key to prevent any leakages or water waste. It comes with a strap and is available in 12 and 19oz capacities.

It is a safe product for pets, made of food grade material and BPA free. Suitable for drinking at home or anywhere.

Click here to get the dog water bottle on Amazon. 

Travel Bags For Dog Food/Water Bowl

Your fur baby would need to eat while you are out on a long drive. So, don’t forget to pack a bowl for your road travel. Bonza dog bowl is our pick for the best dog bowl for car travel. Made with food-safe material, this eco-friendly collapsible dog bowl comes with a handful of extra features like a water bottle holder.

The capacity is between 16oz and 40z when fully expanded. Due to its adjustable size, it is perfect for various sizes of dogs, especially for medium to large dogs.

Get the collapsible dog bowl here

Conclusion For Dog Car Travel Accessories

Dogs could be great companions on road trips but they have to be given an environment of safety and comfort as they travel by road. The best way to ensure a pleasant long drive with a four-legged friend is to get the right dog car travel accessories.

However, before buying dog travel accessories, you should consider the safety, comfort, and size of your dog, the durability and material composition of the dog car travel accessories.

The best travel accessories will keep your dog pleased, safe and cozy through your trip. An amazing thing is, some of these accessories also have other uses outside of road travel. 

Get the best dog travel accessories and have the most wonderful drive with fluffy.

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