Top 8 of the Best Small Dog Crates (2021 Reviews)

Best Small Dog Crates

Dogs make up the largest demographic of pets in the United States. They are one of the most sociable and loyal animals in the world. On top of that, they are all SUPER cute. We are only grateful to see our social media timelines and full of cute dog pictures and videos and memes.

We know dogs to make their owners and families; they are a part of incredibly happy by their presence. They love us dearly which is evident through their excited tail wagging. They do so much for us; it is only fair that we also do it for them. One such way to show your dog how much you love them ensures a beautiful, happy little space for them in your house.So here are eight of the best small dog crates you can buy on Amazon!

(It is also important because some dogs do make a lot of trouble when left unattended!)

One basic quality every good kennel should have is they should be very easy to set-up and restructured. The set-up should be uncomplicated and simple, especially if the dog is small. Finally, small crates should be portable for easy traveling and storage. For this reason, we have set up a list of our favorite crates for your small dogs. 

1. Go Pet Club Soft Crate

It is a small, portable, and lightweight kennel made of water-resistant, heavy-duty polyester with PVC backing. It is good for indoor and outside use. It may not be a very fancy crate, but it sure is durable and sturdy.

Its key feature is its portability, and you can take your furry friend outside to camps, etc., and keep them safe in the kennels. Once folded, it is 44% lighter and covers 93% less space.

It has adjustable ventilation for easy breathing, roll down covers on windows on three sides, removable floor bad for comfort, and screen mesh doors. It is one of the best small dog crates you can buy if you love taking your furry friend to outdoor adventures.

This crate comes in a range of different sizes. It is ideal for your small dog as it is portable and very easy to structure and set up without the requirement of any outside tools.

It comes with this set of things:

  • a divider panel
  • a durable dog tray
  • carrying handle
  • 4 roller feet (optional; to protect your hardwood floor)
  • MidWest quality guarantee- one-year warranty

Its durable design is to ensure that your dog stays safe in the kennel, with a heavy-duty slide bold latch lock. Its design also caters to the “den” like home your dog is fond of. It also folds flat when traveling or relocating. It is one of the best small dog crate to use!

Pets need exercise too, you know! This MidWest exercise pen comes in a size appropriate for your small poodle to rest and play around in. Generally, small poodles and dogs do not often walk, but they still need to be mobile to maintain their energy and health. Such an exercise pen is ideal for them to ensure that they do not compromise on health, nor are over walked. 

MidWest Exercise Pen comes with a step-through, secure door to avoid undoing and redoing the panel over and over. It is also very easy and quick to set up. Its panels create a 16 square feet enclosed area upon structuring for your dog to play around in, and get that much needed a little exercise.

Being a MidWest product also comes with a one-year warranty and is made with quality control protocols.  

This small crate contains two doors, one of which is the efficient top door model. The top door opens to the left or right, as per your convenience, to directly load the pet into the space. It is ideal for small-sized poodles and pups. For added security purposes, the crate comes with screws you can bolt into the top door for maximum safety.

They make the crate from durable plastic with a steel-wired front door. It has easy ventilation from all sides. It is highly portable and comes with a plastic handle on top, which you can hold to carry your furry friend with you anywhere you like. It is also very lightweight and will not test the endurance of your arm muscles. 

This is the third product from MidWest in our Top 8 Small Dog Crate list! MidWest is truly one of the best in catering to our furry friend’s kennel needs.

This product also comes in many different sizes, and you will definitely find one for your small-sized poodle! It also comes in two different varieties- a single door and a double door.

Like the earlier MidWest iCrate, it requires no tools to set up and can be folded flat on the surface for travel or storage purposes. The two doors are equipped with a heavy-duty slide bolt latch lock, each for maximum safety and security. It also has patented rounded corner clips, ensuring that your dog sustains no injuries while within its kennel to create a happy and safe environment for you and your pup!

Like the first MidWest product, it too comes with a basic set of things:

  • a divider panel
  • a durable dog tray
  • carrying handle
  • 4 roller feet (optional; to protect your hardwood floor)
  • MidWest quality guarantee- one-year warranty

The iCrate and Life Stage crate’s main difference is that the latter is made up of heavier gauge steel and tighter wire mesh, making it stronger than the iCrate product.

This is one of the cutest kennels on this list. The color of this crate is pink, and it is very minimal and compact. It contains a single secure door through which you can let your pet in and out, containing a locking system for maximum security. The crate is produced entirely from steel.

It includes a pink removable and washable pan. It is also highly portable and can be folded for storage or travel purposes. This crate will be able to carry a poodle up to 25 pounds in size. It is an ideal crate for your small dog because of its simplicity and ease of use.

It will go best with your small, stylish poodle, who, you know, is a total diva. Furthermore, if you are looking for a cute colored crate to blend with your home setting, it is it!

Merry Pet 2-in-1 crate and gate is made of wood. It can be used both as a crate and a gate to keep your dog (or yourself) out of trouble. It is very easy to assemble in that it can be opened to form a gate to keep your dog restricted in case of any danger or anything else, and can be enclosed to give your furry friend a den-like home.

It comes with a removable plastic tray and is ideal for your small-sized dog. It is one of the most stylist and aesthetically pleasing crates in this list. It is made entirely of wood and provides that rustic charm to your dog’s home. If you think it will blend with the vibe of your own place, this might be the home that your dog will love!

This adorable and very stylish mobile pen for small-sized dogs is made entirely of wood and comes with many safety features. It has a top door model and a front door that is equipped with sliding locks for maximum security.

Furthermore, it has a lockable base and caster to ensure that your dog remains safe in their little kennel. These casters also increase mobility and allow you to move your furry friend with you anywhere. The base is also easily removable for cleaning or other purposes.

Finally, the wood is matte finished, which gives the dog crate a very stylistic and aesthetically pleasing vibe. This is in trademark Richell style. Your little poodle will be very happy in their own stylish, small crate!


Make sure you put in the same effort for your furry friend’s home as you would put in yours. Every dog has different requirements and needs. Find the home that you think they will thrive in, and which, simultaneously, is easy for you to set-up and keep up with.

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