The 4 Best Dog DNA Tests Reviews of 2021

Best Dog DNA Tests Reviews

Do you have a dog whose ancestry you’re curious to know about? While you may want to guess your dog's descent based on its pronounced features like muzzle shape and level of aggressiveness, studies have shown that such guesses, even when done by professionals turn out to be incorrect in most cases.

But where our intuition may fail us, DNA test kits never will. This is because the test procedures look into the very genetic makeup of a dog. This is then used to determine the dog’s close relations and ultimately, its origin.

The four kits highlighted here are our best dog DNA tests reviews. We have chosen them based on their quality, comprehensive reporting, and adequate customer support. Before the plunge into the reviews, we have included some things you should know about Dog DNA test kits.

To determine a dog's breed and ancestry, a sample, (which is usually a little amount of the dog's slobber or a swab from the inner cheek) is collected and put in a DNA test kit. The DNA reader then identifies targeted gene points which a computer algorithm uses to determine likely ancestral descents. The most accurate connection is what is finally used to determine the dog's breed.

Howbeit similar, this type of test is different from the one used in determining the exact parentage of dogs even though a testing company may be offering such services. Some dog DNA testing companies also offer services for genetic or inherited disease detection but this might incur extra charges.

Why is a Dog DNA Test Important?

1. Helps you Avoid Inbreeding

A DNA test shows your dog's breed and will therefore help you ensure your dog is not mating with another of a much-related descent.

2. You Can Determine Potential Health Risks

A DNA test, which may or may not include inherited disease detection, can help you discover diseases that can pose a risk to your dog. Some breeds of dogs are more susceptible to certain diseases than other breeds and a good knowledge of the potential health risks of your dog will help you take care of it better and may even prevent the onset of such diseases.

3. It Helps you Get Rid of Doubt

When getting a new pup from a pet store or breeder, a breed ancestry DNA test can help you confirm the breed of the dog before you cart it away. You are therefore clear of all doubts on the dog's descent and can give it the unique level of care it needs.

4. You Get to Understand your Pet Better

Those peculiar behaviors you notice in your dog can only be fully grasped after you have the entire breed type that contributes to the makeup of your dog. Besides understanding your dog better, you will also know the best way to cater to him since you have gained better insight into his nutritional demands, emotional intelligence and sensitivity, aggressiveness, and other inherent traits.

What to Consider before Going for a Dog DNA Test Kit

1. Breed Database

For highly accurate results, choose a test kit that has a considerably large breed database, local and exotic species inclusive. The genetic markers should also be enough to meticulously make all necessary connections to your dog’s ancestry line.

2. Genetic Disease Testing Ability

More than just determining your dog’s combination of breeds, the laboratory offering a test kit should be able to determine potential health risks a dog is exposed to because of its genetic disposition and should also be able to carry out tests to check for such diseases.

A DNA test among others aims to promote your dog’s well-being. Testing laboratories should therefore be able to provide pet owners with quality information about the health status of their dog. A good testing kit should provide alongside other health reports showing the risk state of a dog. This in turn should be tendered to a trusted veterinary doctor for appropriate measures to be taken.

3. Reliable Customer Support

The process of getting your dog’s ancestry determined can be a bit strenuous. It will be best to choose a company with reliable customer support. This should include highly proactive responses to calls, a warranty on test kits, and even some bit of monitoring after the test has been conducted.

The 4 Best Dog DNA Tests Reviews of 2021

1. Wisdom Panel 3.0 Canine DNA Test Kit

The Wisdom Panel 3.0 provides information on breed and ancestry in a very easy and quick process. The kit identifies more breeds than most other testing kits, including breeds not common to the United States such as the Mexican street dog and the Coyote.

Wisdom Panel 3.0 Canine DNA Test

The testing process with the Wisdom Canine DNA Test kit is considerably cheap and the quick turnaround time makes the kit really an option to go for. The sample collection can be done by yourself from the comfort of your home, after which you activate your kit online and then have it mailed to the testing laboratory.

In two to three weeks, Wisdom’s testing laboratory sends an online report that provides a genetic analysis of your dog's ancestry, including its predicted weight, three-generation family tree, physical traits, and numerous health conditions he may be at risk of. If your pet is a hybrid, the result will show how much of each breed it is in percentages.

As a test kit testing for nothing less than 350 different breeds, including very unique and strange dogs, the Wisdom Panel 3.0 is the best testing kit to use for dogs that are not of  US descent or that are thought to possess very unique features. However, the testing procedure also identifies 99% of the breeds recognized by the American Kennel Club.

Wisdom Canine DNA Test Kit is available on Amazon here.

The Embark Breed and Health Kit has an extensive database that covers most of the dogs recognized in the American Kennel Club, including many street dogs and the gray wolf. The company puts its breed results at 95 to 99% accuracy and uses up to a whopping 200,000 genetic markers during analysis. This has earned it a name as one of the most accurate dogs DNA test kits with twice as much accuracy as other test kits in the competition.

In a process similar to Wisdom's, your dog's sample will be delivered smoothly to the testing laboratory where it will be checked to determine all information regarding your dog's ancestry. The genetic testing offered by Embark also includes testing for up to 190 genetic health conditions. If a variant that will put your dog at risk of disease is detected, the company's vet team will contact you to discuss helpful tips in combating such issues and ensure your pet lives healthy. The result sent to you will also contain a downloadable health report which you can send to your own trusted Vet. Doctor.

With a report comprehensive enough to show you your dog's close relatives such as first cousins, you can prevent inbreeding and all the potential risks that come with it. What’s more? You can decide to reach out to the owners of those closely related kennels for a family reunion!

Order now for the Embark Breed and Health Kit here.

DNA My Dog has been known to help pet owners find their dog’s breed for more than ten years. Their report comes in two weeks or less and the company has been known to offer free shipping of results. The kit is simple to use and complete instruction has been included in it such that a novice will never find it hard to perform the sampling task. You may also decide to have a picture of your dog mailed alongside your sample. If you do that, the report gets shipped back to you with your dog’s sweet face featured in it.

With DNA My Dog, the report is comprehensive with information on all the breeds found in your dog’s DNA by percentage and a custom certificate. Other information about personality traits and generic health concerns of each of the breeds found in the dog’s profile will also be included.

DNA My Dog aims to help pet owners become more proactive about the well-being of their dogs as they gain better knowledge of its ancestral breed and a deeper understanding of its unique features.

DNA My Dog can be ordered online here.

The amazing thing about the Orivet test kit is that the report comes with a life plan for the ultimate management of your pet’s health. The wellness plan will be personalized based on your dog’s breed, age, weight, gender, geographic location, and lifestyle.

Other features included in the report are your dog’s adult weight prediction; personality traits which are determined by the summative effect of the breeds; nutritional suggestions; routine health care advice and alerts such as a vaccination overdue.

The kit is easy to use and comes with a prepaid envelope for mailing the collected sample. A hassle-free warranty has also been placed on the kit just to keep customers assured that their satisfaction is guaranteed.

The Orivet Dog DNA Test Kit can be gotten on Amazon here.


If you have been plain curious all along to know the exact breed of your dog, then a breed ancestry DNA test is your best bet. The best dog DNA test reviews in this article will help you decide on what testing kit you should go for.

However, we encourage that you be open-minded during the two to three-week period of your wait for the result (especially if you've made guesses based on your dog's looks). This is because what you have always expected may not be what the result says. However it ends, never fail to appreciate the uniqueness and individuality of your dog. Of course, we do not think that getting to know about your dog's breed will make you love it less. We trust that by having DNA testing for your dog, you are better equipped to care for him and prolong his life.

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